I Have No Friends

Today I realized I had no friends. Not real ones. It happened around 8:30 am as I pulled my chair to the vanity, picked up my tweezers and turned on the light of truth–you know, the one that magnifies 300X. The shock and horror that met my eyes would make a child scream and run for cover.  Why had no one told me?  It wasn’t as if I had been in a remote cabin for the last month. No, I had co-workers in my office, meetings, and lunch dates with girlfriends and not one had mentioned my eyebrows, not even my husband!

The Bible says that all things are laid bare before the Lord.  Just because I can’t see the stray sin, thoughts or actions, others close to me can and the Lord can.  When the Holy Spirit turns on the light of the magnifying mirror and shows us what we have not seen, it can be horrifying.  Thankfully the Holy Spirit tweezers can pluck the now visible strays in a miraculous way.  Perhaps that’s what Jesus meant in Luke 6:42 when He said, “First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.“

Next time you see a log in my brow, be my friend and tell me I have some plucking to do!